Pet Accessories – Choosing the Right Dog and Cat Beds, Dog Clothing and Collars

A dog collar is a dog collar isn’t it? Well – even dog collars are getting more advanced these days. One example is the canny collars – a collar designed to stop your dog pulling on the lead. Its’ made from a simple dog collar with a slip line that fits over your dog’s nose and works with a ‘pressure and release’ system. This applies gentle pressure to the bridge of doggie’s nose when he starts to pull,. The pressure is released as soon as he stops. It’s more comfortable and less restrictive than a traditional head collar. The Canny Collar won’t jerk your dogs head sideways or ride up into the eyes. It’s a kind, safe and effective method of training.And what about electric dog collars? The Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors has condemned the use of devices which deliver electric shocks to for training or behaviour problems. Users of devices like this need advanced training without which, pets can become distressed – as you might imagine. A dog experiencing a nasty shock to the neck will associate it with whatever it happens to be focusing on at the time. Unwanted side effects could occur when the dog being shocked becomes afraid of a particular area, or an owner, child, other dog etc. It’s also possible that the device could be triggered by external influences, or could malfunction, resulting in disastrous consequences for the dog. Others may be triggered by barking – enough to send a dog “around the bend” if shocks are received for an extended period. Training by punishing may be considered a sloppy and lazy way of trying to get a pet to do what the owner wishes. A dog trained in this way is unlikely to be happy, behaving in a certain way for fear of dire consequences – like a circus bear. These devices should only be used in exceptional circumstances, where other methods have failed. Owners with problem pets should understand that the unwanted behaviour can be altered winder kindness and patience – after all, would we train our kids with electric shocks when they didn’t do as they were told?