Small Dog Clothing for the Sports Fan

Small dog clothing designed for the sports fan allows you to show off your support for your team and dress up your small dog at the same time. These items are fun, entertaining and make great conversational pieces. Your pet will love all of the attention he gets when sporting around a jersey with your team’s logo.It doesn’t matter if you’re an NFL, MBL or College fan or a fan of all three, you can find a variety of outfits to choose from that will make your pet stand out in a crowd. Dress your pup in a sweater, jersey or doggie cheerleader dress designed with your college logo or choose from one of the NFL or MBL jerseys or tee shirts to show your support for your favorite team.Dressing your pet in small dog clothing designed for the sports fan will allow her to flaunt her attire around as you brag to your friends about all of the things your team has accomplished thus far. It seems to make more of an impression when your four-legged friend is by your side showing off her support as well.There are so many different options available for the sports fan to use to promote his team and cheer them on but having the means to dress your small dog in many of the same types of apparel makes it even more exciting. You can accessorize too by buying a leash and collar to match with your team’s logo on it. You can also buy food and water bowls, toys, mats, caps and more.With so many accessories and clothing available you can put together a whole collection to show off to your guests. You can also purchase these items as gifts for friends and family members. Any pet owner would love to receive such a thoughtful and interesting gift. Even if they’re not a sports fan, there are many other types of clothing and accessories available that you can choose instead.When you’re a devoted fan to any team, you want to find unique ways to show your support. There is no better way to do this than by dressing up your pet in small dog clothing with your favorite team’s logo on it, while you wear a matching jersey or tee.Dressing your small dog in clothing is growing in popularity every year. Not only is it a great way to show off your pet but it can help to keep him warm and more comfortable when the weather is chilly. With so many different types of small dog clothing and other apparel available, anyone can get in on some of the action.

Artisan Jewelry and Accessory Trends For Spring & Summer 2009

It’s spring/summer jewelry fashion trend time. When the snow starts to melt, green grass and spring flowers are popping up and eventually fresh spring temperatures turn into hot summer nights. We eagerly anticipate spring and summer bring out the flip flops and the bright seasonal colors after a long winter.While it’s fun to watch and be aware of the trends, it’s also recommended to pick and choose which trends to incorporate into your wardrobe based on your personal style and body shape. There’s no point in being a slave to fashion trends. Go with what you love and while it’s great to have a few trendy pieces, the best fashions stand the test of time. Select your pieces carefully choosing ones that fit into trends but that you’ll still love in years to come.The following are the key spring and summer 2009 jewelry and accessory fashion trends:I. It’s All About The Ear-ringII. Bangle ManiaIII. Piled On The Neck-laceIV. Eco JewelryV. Weaved IT BagVI. It’s A WrapVII. It’s A RomanceVIII. Metal It Up – MetalicsIX. All About The ColorI. It’s all about the ear – Earring that isThis season it’s move over statement necklace, it’s all about the ear, earring that is! While the statement necklace is still in (see below) there was a lot more focus on the ear for spring/summer runway fashion. The earring is this season’s must buy artisan jewelry piece.The earring takes center stage and is set off perfectly with the beauty trend of hair swept up off the face. The earring cascading down the neck with hair swept up creates that stunning long swan like neck a perfect look for the warmer weather.Long chandelier earrings and the bigger the better are hot this season, but that isn’t for everyone. Wear what works for your proportions. There’s a wide range of artisan earring choices available this season in appropriate sizes and weights for every woman. The chandelier look can be achieved with long chunky earrings or light long dangling filigree style. The trend earring effect can be achieved with either the delicate or chunky styles but with proportions appropriate for each woman’s size.II. Bangle ManiaThere seems to be no end to bangle mania as it continues to play a strong role in fashion and is a great investment. For around $20-25 you can achieve this trend effect. This spring and summer bangles on the runway were an eclectic mix of colors and styles piled high up the arm for a dramatic look.Stack them up the arm in a colorful mix to achieve the runway look or if this look is just a little too over the top choose one or two bangles for a more subtle but on trend look. Whether you choose bright colors, resin, tribal, stone accented, brass, copper or silver, there’s no end to the choice this season and all variations fit into the trend.III. Layered NecklacesMany of the designers featured layers of beaded necklaces during the spring/summer fashion weeks. To achieve the runway version of the look, pile them on high. If you are seeking the layered effect without the over the top weight of multiple necklaces, seek out a more subtle artisan necklace which has multi strands to it. In this way you’ll achieve the layered look without the heaviness of the piled effect.IV. Eco JewelryEco jewelry is here to stay, look for pieces which are recycled, or produced in an eco friendly way.V. Weaved It BagSpring/Summer 09’s hot handbag is the weaved bag. This is the IT bag for the season. While most of the ones on the runway are leather and with mighty big price tags you can also seek out eco recycled plastic weaved bags. There are weaved bags available which have been hand woven by a Fair Trade organisation in India and have the IT weaved effect without the leather. As an added bonus they are available in a bright range of colors for a burst of color. These bags are perfect for everyday wear or to take to the beach.VI. It’s A WrapIn addition to the earring, the scarf is another must have seasonal fashion accessory. They’re so hot they’ve been featured in all the major fashion magazines and blogs with lots of how to wear tutorials.A scarf can add a perfect punch of color to any outfit and an elegant way to stay warm on a cool spring or summer eve. While hot for this season, scarves are a great investment as a wardrobe essential.VII. It’s A RomanceSpring and summer is the perfect time for a little romance. This spring/summer there is no shortage of romantic fashion and accessories – pretty florals, transparent fabrics, ruffles, chandelier earrings, pastel and blush colors and more. Adding romantic touches to your outfit is easy with artisan jewelry. What could be more romantic than a pair of chandelier earrings or a piece of handmade silver jewelry with intricate filigree detailing?VIII. Metal It Up MetalicsSilver, Gold, Brass and Pewter oh my! Metallic influences abound in clothing and in accessories. Pick your favourite metal jewelry and accent that outfit with a little shine.IX. It’s All About ColorThis spring and summer season there is a beautiful mix of bright, pastel colors and even black and white in fashion and artisan jewelry trends. Bright colors for this season include green, purple, red, pink and blue. Pastel and nude colors are blush pink and skin tone colors.